In 2007, most of us didn’t give banks a second thought beyond the occasional review at our branch, and the overdraft charges it was becoming apparent were a scam. This bit in the Guardian today, a great article, but no longer surprising. The question is when did the transfer of power occur, and how. And how do we undo it. Because the consequences here, of this going on, are not good. The other question is why haven’t our political parties noticed that we have noticed a problem. It’s only been 4 years since the first wave of the ‘credit crunch’ and now it’s turned into a democratic crisis spread across the western world. Nobody within our political establishment seems to think this is a problem, and most are going out of their way to squash any suggestion that it is.

The social contract is being hastily rewritten by politicians with no apparent link to the population serve, no way of hearing them and no desire to, because of it.

This is not 1984. No matter how much our political  elites want to believe it is, or try to convince us.