BPAS on the politicisation of abortion.

Here in Graun. I wrote this around election time about the need for abortion to return to the political agenda. . Reviews since have found again, absolutely no new evidence to suggest the upper limit should be cut and yet the politicisation of abortion, US style has continued.  The events of the past two years have changed things. and it is now absolutely clear that if you want to tackle the trajectory of the christian right in our poltical system you have to start with welfare and the reason the Centre for Social Justice is dictating social policy. If you tackle this purely as an attack on abortion rights you dance the tune culture wars are played to. And that is in no-ones interest, the US shows us the way that dance leads. The threat from the christian right’s influence on the Conservatives comes from a need to expand social conservatism for economic aims. The open goals they found this year, are why the pro-life lobby are free to politicise abortion in a way that may pose a threat. There are no arguments left to be had on this issue, that have any place in political debate and are not a matter of personal moral values.

While those fighting for abortion ‘choice’ think welfare is just about women who need teaching to make ‘better choices’ that is unlikely to be understood. While this is an argument about ‘choice’ this ‘argument’ cannot be won. Especially given the necessity of this social conservatism to the platforms of all our political parties.

Removing the ability to leave a relationship, to encourage marriage is the same platform as restriction of reproductive health services. You want to reduce the number of abortions, you need to reduce the impact of motherhood on women’s economic independence, and reduce poverty. Not ride the coat tails of an agenda which does the opposite.  Global poverty has a female face for a reason that is inextricably linked to the agenda of these people. There is absolutely no way of addressing the issue of the politicisation of abortion, without addressing the benefits issue, the role of motherhood in our economic system, and slut shaming at the heart of social policy. And the reason it has been necessary for 30 years.