The blue screen of death for British politicians..

They can withstand the condemnation, the fury, the corruption, the sleaze…but as soon as the entire media is taking the piss they are undone ;-D We have some national political traits worth cherishing!

Look at the US

Then look at how much of our current political direction is trying to emulate it.

BPAS on the politicisation of abortion.

Here in Graun. I wrote this around election time about the need for abortion to return to the political agenda. . Reviews since have found again, absolutely no new evidence to suggest the upper limit should be cut and yet the politicisation of abortion, US style has continued.  The events of the past two years have changed…

This week.

Murdoch turned on Cameron. For a week. It was also the week that George Galloway achieved a massive turnout which is apparently a start of a tidal wave against Labour. Which does tie in with the emerging trend for successful candidates across Europe who have picked the neo liberalism out of ‘left’, but which managed…

Originally posted on Red Brick:
It’s amazing how many people think that only those who are economically inactive can claim housing benefit.  But then again all the rhetoric about cuts to HB and to Local Housing Allowance (HB for private tenants) has been about tenants living in something called ‘benefit dependency’, being feather bedded and…