Our political system is a problem. The structure of our political discourse. Our political media a source of dysfunction and barrier to being able to address systemic problems which are evident to anyone with half a brain. And the left right spectrum only really afflicts political circles and press these days.

Fuck all point me attacking the right wing media, especially as their sole purpose seems to be trolling the left to keep them busy. Can you imagine the Telegraph or the Mail giving a shit what I think? ”A single  mother doesn’t like what we say? Oh no…what will we do…that’s a bit of a surprise”.

The route to changing our political media is questioning the part of it whose  stated ‘values’ require your agreement they are a force for good for you.  It just so happens that our left wing media and politicos used twitter and the blogosphere to simulate contact with the outside world and validate their views about how ‘helpful’ what they sell is. They had to because really. what they are selling is not that helpful.  Disenfranchisement cannot happen on the Tory say so. It needs our entire political and media class to agree.

Seems like the only sensible thing to do is to use the influence given to social media to influence the only people who give a fuck about it. There is a reason the ‘liberal’ class implode at times like this. Because they need to. Seems a good idea to ‘nudge’ that along if you can. Don’t get me wrong, the left wing media are as unconcerned about what is currently happening as the right, but they have to pretend.  It becomes difficult to pretend you are representing the invisible if they refuse to remain invisible using the tool you use to hide your lack of concern.