The fight against fascism

This Graun report confirms, again, that the EDL are running out of steam. In a political vacuum where many of their tropes are mainstream, they have been rejected. Like the BNP before them.  They will always have to go to a great deal of effort to maintain the appearance of support, and rely on anti-fascists and the left to give them credibility as a threat.

Fighting fascism depends on being able to identify it, where it is coming from, why it is a threat. And we can look a lot more mainstream than the EDL for that. The question about why neo liberalism requires organisations like the EDL doesn’t get answered by shouting at the ‘thick racists’ for their poor grammar. The question of why the image of the working class as racist needs to be perpetuated doesn’t either.  It’s the clever racists you need to watch, and the ones blind to race but interested in power so willing to exploit and ignore the inequality racism creates.

In related news, a heavy dose of social control was dished out, under the pretext of fighting racism, as a nasty racist internet troll was jailed to huge public fanfare. The catalyst for the riots was the shooting of another black man in Tottenham, Mark Duggan. The actions of these police men in the aftermath, unlikely to get the same heavy handed response.

Maybe it is time to talk about racism. Really talk about it, including why austerity ‘blindly’ exploits inequality rooted in race. And the effect.

Seems like racism is only something we talk about to deflect attention from governments. Although it could just be coincidence that rich white men are consistently able to exploit inequality caused by gender and race, for their economic aims, without giving it a second thought.

NB- The ‘another black man’ was in context of other incidents regarding police violence and shootings, not in context of the internet troll.