The report from the Centre for Social Justice,came to some rather strange conclusions about the riots the IMF predicted as a possible consequence of austerity. Lack of male role models..and aspiration. I would watch what it is used to justify.

At a guess, I would say first off will be a commissioning of services to pick up the tatters of the necessary Children’s Services services cut to silence in the last couple of years.  I would guess a shift from responsibility to deliver those services to education, and a nice bit of a lucrative, if short lived market opening up. The real current education debate not one about privatisation of schools, or how education and literacy can address the causes of the riots, but the continued expansion of the alternative education provision market. A prohibitively expensive and poorly regulated expansion.

NB  I didn’t really need to mention it would probably be used for a good kicking of ‘the poor’…did I? A4E used to deliver this kind of stuff, I wonder if they still do.