Julian Assange. George Galloway. Owen Jones. Another one will pop up soon. A personality of the left, to be considered infallible due to their ability to adopt the word left. A misogynist left will shout you down if you question their actions.  Don’t question their words, their actions or the effect of what they say. Ability to describe a common enemy as ‘the right’ means solidarity is required, regardless of the effect. Solidarity meaning no criticism for fear of reprisals.

This is not a healthy way to explore ideas, in a period of history where everything is changing and needs to reassessed.  Seems to me the tendency to deify media names is a by product of a political system where entry to the media is the aim, and only media friendly faces can bring about change.  Which is clearly nonsense when our political media is such a source of dysfunction.   I gave up idealising people I never met, when I gave up buying Just Seventeen.