Tussles have emerged in the DWP over welfare cuts.  Here is the thing we need to understand about ‘cuts'(ie transfer of public assets to private hands). The projected measures are not deliverable while we retain statutory duties. Some of that has been taken care of, but not most. Within departments the fear was never about the cuts they knew they couldn’t deliver, but about what happened to services hacked away, when everyone realised how undeliverable they are. These concerns not those of politicos obviously. As these cuts are generally agreed, politicos didn’t need to trouble their head’s.

I wrote about it here, last year. The cuts that have gone through, have come down on the heads of the invisible. Justified with plausible False Economy soundbites. That’s why they got through. The ones they need to ‘deliver’ this year, are not quite that simple.

If there were a change in government or a detoxification of the tory brand, that could probably be excused for a bit. But it isn’t an issue that is actually going to go away this year. Running a country is more complicated than our political press understand. Gillian Tett was on Newsnight a while ago, she said the biggest variable was to what extent social cohesion would hold up as austerity was implemented. I don’t think she is aware that those who run their departments in the gap between political rhetoric and reality don’t treat that is an unknown variable. They are having to plan round it.