When I went to Rome, it was endemic. The discrimination against pasties was heartbreaking. Anti-pasti on every menu. Everywhere we went, the division between acceptable cuisine and the humble pasty was there.  Downright hostility and blanket opposition to the humble knobby holdable pie. It has spread to England, and in the budget where £10billion welfare cuts were hidden to little or no comment, class war has been ordered. The humble pasty is to be used as a weapon. Those who have noticed ‘the poor’ eat from Greggs bags and not Pret are ready to stand up. If we do not stand up for the steakbeak what do we do when they come for the little pots of muesli with yogurt and coulis?

Cameron does not have the substance to fight the steakbeak. Not while Murdoch is pissed at him. Watch out for Murdoch fighting our corner with a special offer for Greggs in The Sun. The rare combination of gristle, fat and bollocks in a steakbake will outlast Cameron and probably a nuclear holocaust. I am shocked that the pasty was used to wage war on ‘the poor’ in this way. But it cannot be denied, for liberals have noticed the poor eat from Gregg’s bags. This is outrageous and must be stopped. While someone teaches ‘the poor’ to eat better things than pasties served by workfare ‘volunteers’.

Benefit rates going the way they are, the idea that ‘the poor’ are spending a quid a time on pasties is quite funny. Maybe the 6 for a quid sausage rolls?