Ah but trade union donation’s are democratic…

Only a fucking idiot could look at the cash for Cameron row, and pretend Labour were somehow better for their reliance on trade union funds. This year 1.3 million Unison members were kept structurally invisible to political debate. Their union no less, the organisation that IS their democratic voice, said ‘some cuts’ are ok. The ‘some cuts’ being the cuts that were subject to political consensus. The cuts that hit Unison members. While Labour co-opted the anti-cuts ‘movement’ and the protest that was the only other reasonable way of accessing democracy. While Labour media types managed a message where they remained invisible. These were the mainly the lowest paid women in the country and those required to be hit repeatedly by cuts to services, welfare, and jobs. But this doesn’t matter, because Union history is proud and male and that Labour affiliation goes back ages. There is tacit understanding among union circles that Unison are a witchfinder union and this ok because you have to show solidarity.Unions were the last line of defence for many sectors. That isn’t cash for influence. That is more akin to theft from the people Labour kept poor and disenfranchised.

In Labour’s time in office I watched them shout down more strikes than I ever could have thought. To further the marketisation and destruction of our public services. While they were perfecting a political art which ousted voters and union members from their consideration, to chase donors the way Cameron did. They established the culture that is political consultancy flogging social influence with politicians. I watched as unions like PCS tried to fight, and Unison continually failed their members but preserved their own institution and the nostalgia required to keep the Labour press happy. Unions were not only eroded by Thatcher. They were eroded by their willingness to completely abandon those attacked by neo liberalism to keep snouts in the trough.

Cash for cameron is bad. As was cabs for hire Byers. As is the long list of dodgy members interests we pretend to ignore.  This is the state of modern politics.

Tbe political guppies trying to say Labour are better because Union funding is democratic, are clearly not the union members who have found their voice squashed for Labour. Or the union activists who dared question the Labour affiliation used to justify their disenfranchisement, only to find themselves shoved out of their union and drummed out of their jobs. It is nostalgic bollocks from those building their careers on the disenfranchisement of those they pretend to fight ‘for’.  Utter nonsense that would only stand up if you were completely disconnected from reality. Labour fucking over the people who provide the only solid funding they have, does not make Cash for Cameron’s lasagne better. This is a systemic issue. Labour want you to believe it is not.

That’s why they lie. And will do anything to pretend the question on everyone’s lips is not, why the fuck are unions still giving a neo liberal party money? It’s been 30 years for fucks sake. We know what neo liberalism does. So do the unions.