Why we are heading into culture wars.

The tactics we are seeing, from the manipulation of media, to the ‘vigils’ outside clinics, to the attempts to undermine doctors and clinics are just political tactics. Trying to engineer culture wars. Right troll. Left respond ineffectively and pretend trolling has substance, and we all get shifted to the right.

Unless someone looks at the trajectory of the christian right within the Conservative Party, this is the road we are headed down. We have to address the reason culture wars are desirable. Welfare. Until a challenge comes from outside parliament. It is as simple as those challenging need to challenge the neo liberal consensus that makes ‘culture wars’ desirable for all parties. There will never be a win on this issue, while we treat it as the key attack primarily on middle class women’s sexual freedom, because that isn;t what this is about. However, it suits middle class left wing agendas and the Labour party to pretend it is. There will never be a win while we pretend these arguments have not been had and the biggest losers are not the middle class women who want to fuck.

I don’t want culture wars. Unfortunately the left only dance the jig the right want them to, so that looks like what we are getting. Believe it or not, abortion is a benefits issue. And only by addressing the consensus on benefits can you address how the coalition are attacking abortion. It really is that simple.

The current crop fighting ‘our’ corner,have no interest in that. So we will watch as there is little political challenge to a trajectory we can see clearly, by looking over the pond. When the left pretend this is worth debate, because it is easier than challenging where power has been obtained, they are doing exactly as the right want. As they always do. This year the christian right within the Conservative party found open goals- those open goals are what will lead to successful attacks on our reproductive rights.