I just watched this.

If you can’t make an advert to raise ‘awareness’ of child abuse, which doesn’t need a trigger warning for children, could you stop. Your wilful narrow focus misrepresents a very important source of disclosure for children. In a political climate where so many families are being pushed into stress, where relationship breakdown is a desired effect of our economic policy, this is  obscene and quite sinister. Watching the government create poverty, then training people to misrepresent the effects to further punish and monitor parents in an climate of increased social control? Get kids to spy on parents under pressure?  While the ability of parents to leave abusive situations is removed?

You are one of the major beneficiaries of the marketisation that has left statutory childrens services less able to deal with real child abuse(not cherry picked cases and services), I’d ring you to report what? That I would like to make a donation, and would like the organisation which benefits from the industry child abuse has become to stop manufacturing shit like this? I want to pay for a plate at a charity lunch? Maybe help you put in a bid for a childrens centre? Where poor people can be ‘taught to make better choices’? Before or after I checked out my concerns with their parents? Like social services and school do? When they get round to it, because cases sit on the duty wall for months due to continual attacks by central government, apparently on your behalf.

I get your only purpose is to make the concerned feel good, but please, some decency.  Between you and Barnado’s you are giving that area of the voluntary sector a bad name. The complete lack of concern over the complex effect of austerity on child protection has also been noted. You want to stop child abuse, take a look at who is filling your trough. Maybe check out the ‘peasant tax’.

Kind Regards