Telegraph continues with teh attempts to GOP’ify us. Demonising and scapegoating doctors and clinics. Clearly unaware we are not the US, and the US is giving British women a very clear view of what happens when this trajectory is allowed to continue.

This will continue unless a political party emerges to challenge the  neo liberal consensus. The lack of functioning democratic mechanisms mean that even though this is clearly the concern of a very vocal minority,  it can’t really be challenged politically. Because it is required in other areas.  Labour and it’s associated left will pretend to fight them, by focusing on abortion as something isolated from the rest of the Conservative trajectory.  Dancing the tune culture wars are played to. Because to actually challenge it, would require a change in Labours course. However, the nightmarish vision coming from the states, mean that challenge will just come from elsewhere. This is a lesson in how far things will go if you let them.