You can’t take child benefit off the highest earners in the country. Unless you measure how wealth is distributed in households. What you are actually doing when you stop child benefit being universal is removing every trace of recognition of what motherhood is, what it does to your ability to function in the rest of the economy, and erases any recognition of what raising children entails and contributes.

There is little to no recognition now, which ensures a plentiful supply of exploitable labour and an easy way to manage the labour market, should you ever need to create capacity during a recessions. You can’t take it off the high earners if the high earner is actually their partner. Taking it from single parents at that rate, is just another way of kicking us. To reinforce the messgae. Motherhood is now invisible to political debate and will stay that way. To be remembered when it suits hallmark and the daffodil farms, one day every spring.