.slow commodification of job roles, and responsibilities.. Bonuses. Targets. Prepare force for privatisation.

Newsnight ran a piece last night which was just basically the government shouting ‘you ate all the pies’ at the police, over a discussion about targets, bonuses, and creeping commodification. Bet GPRS can sack people for people being too fat..nernernerner….

I thought I’d seen it all.  Can you imagine on football terraces govenermnts shouting ‘who at all the pies’ at the police.  The financialisation of the police comes with a side order of utter absurdity. That’s astonishing.You fat bastard you fat bastard, you ate all the pies is not the thing to shout at police men. They don’t like it.

Policeman fainting with hunger across the nation as they follow Liz Hurley’s advice to exist on a thimble of watercress soup. What on earth. Fat overweight officers are a british tradition, and I for one think we should keep it. As well as a police force appropriatefor a democracy,. If that is what we still have. There are places privatisation doesn’t supercede it, right?

Issue of elected police officials beginning to look highly suspect too.