..it highlights something that is quite strange. The majority of welfare spending goes on an industry of people,marketisation has left unable to address completely preventable poverty. While the system we have sucks taxpayers money down the drain.

‘The poor'(read the workng class)  are trapped and kicked to keep the middle classes in work, to keep the right wing press happy and this ‘industry’ gives the concerned something to do to feel they are ‘helping’ without ever having to address reality.  In the meantime maximum benefit is extracted for all sectors. From the opening up of payday loans markets, buy to let markets, to the supply of exploitable cheap and free labour to businesses. The central threads who kept this mess somehow within the needs of those at the bottom have been kicked to death, and statutory responsibilities are under attack. Without them tehre will be no reason for anyone to work for the benefit of those the services are justified on the back of.

All a colossal waste of money. When the cheapest and most direct way of dealing with poverty is preventing it.