I was thinking about the potential anti-war movement. Neo liberalism jumped the shark in the nation’s consciousness. People are now so aware of what dicks we have been, we know we may not be able to convince ourselves we are the good guys again. We are in the second decade of a neverending war on nobody, that seems to do nothing but liberate  nations with geo political significance of their stuff .Oh, and this seems to have to have created an assumption of authoritarianism within the centrist position, so we can’t avoid it whoever we vote for.

The world has changed, we are no longer the big boys in the yard. We are now afraid that we will be the ones who live the consequences of wars we screamed at government not to fight. We know that generally, their boys are our like our boys and don’t have much say. A lot of people may have v good reason to be pissed off at us and they don;t even have the veneer of the values we offered to mask our appalling behaviour. While the government waging war would be continuing to wage war on us. While robbing our shit for their mates.

This time it isnt moral indignation, it’s fear. And disgust, and a realisation of how far things will go if we don’t say enough is enough. Only so long the narrow line of our politically affiliated press can cope with that. Anti-war movement doesn’t have a hope of losing. Nor do those speaking out about what is happening now in the UK now and asking to know what happened to democracy.  Not in the long term. This is just elites in crisis sticking their fingers in their ears, and trying to deflect attention onto us while shit crumbles around them.

You ever get the feeling the world is changing  faster than you can even keep up with. Or for the first time you really understand that change comes not in momentous singular moments,but in monumental shifts that take years. Is brought about across society not in the eyes of tv cameras.  The consolidation of knowledge and experience, In isolation and together. And the media hiding it up have a concentration span of about 5 minutes and can’t even see it.