We make a video like this. This is magical trevor. Watch this clip to the end.

We need the Kony Video makers to make a video on the lines of Magical Trevor. Stuff it full of soundbites that make it appear just watching it places the responsibility for the world’s various shades of ‘poor people’ in your hands. Make sure it has regular bullet points about terrible consequencs of not watching this video, step by step how to shame other people into watching this video and blame them for the lack of political progress on whatever issue you pick. Pick a good topic.  Children…’the poor’, keep it generic=they won’t question it.

Simplistic analysis is much easier if you can have pictures cute kids, preferably in a variety of colours, but skinny. And a bad guy. Foreign is good, preferably in a country no-one could find on the map.

They won’t mind, they’ll think they are saving the world. Is simple and brilliant. If it went viral you could have the whole of the ‘concerned of the west’ tied to a computer screen being made ‘aware’ en masse. New Left Project could run a series on it, and Guardian could LiveBlog  it while Shiv Malik wrote down all the tweets resulting….

This one action could prevent an entire generation of ‘progressives’ from providing the justification and ‘oppositon’ neo liberalism needs to exist. Would be the greatest clicktivist activity of all time and the first with actual positive benefits for the whole world.

If you make the loop long enough, I reckon you could keep our entire ‘liberal progressive clicktivists’ so busy they couldn’t do any damage while the world starts discussing what is happening?