I am a person who believes very strongly we have to challenge traditional gender assumptions. Particularly around parenting. My ex is as good a dad, as I am a mum. That did not prevent him havingg to fight for half a decade to get the joint care arrangement he enjoyed with his sons.  Conflict like that does immense damage to everyone. Noone wins and the damage it does stays forever.

As a rule, I have never ever dated a man who wasn’t part of his kids lives, or trying to be. If he didn’t care about his kids, then he wasn’t worth my time. For the first few years of your campaigns I supported you wholeheartedly.

Until it became apparent that what you actually were, were a bunch of bitter men, more concerned with scoring points and attacking the mothers of your children and denying the reality for women in this country. This advert really says it all.

Grow the fuck up, learn about what fatherhood is. Why discussion of domestic violence and tackling it is good for your kids. Why the men who can’t be arsed fathering their kids and who treat their partners that way, are not fighting for justice. And why this shit is not good for your kids, or for the cause you claim is yours. Women discussing their relationships and experiences of their marriages, and their lives, and the difficulties they face are not attacking you.