Liberals used their  gender and social privilege to claim the political collateral of the revolution, Islamists used the privilege of being the biggest existing political force, and the women who stood up can go back to where they were. Ideology trumps what they were fighting for. This will be a common theme. Their fight is now much unchanged. Women as a group fighting for the left’s attention,  whoever ‘the left’ might be in that context. Am betting the people whose pain provided the  strongest and most enduring  triggers for that revolution will be fighting for it to.  This is how inequality recreates itself.

For women most revolutions are a change of management when the dust settles. Join the revolution love?  Sure-mines two sugars…. That’s how it’s always been.  Politics is the combat of ideologues. People can only afford to be ideologues when real life hasn’t got in the way enough. That’s how political debate excludes women. Feminism is an ism to be argued while inequality is ignored.  It’s how capitalism ensures women provide the worlds labour for free and remain exploitable the world over. It’s why women paid for the financial crisis the world over.

The revolution in Egypt isn’t done. Existing political forces have made compromises that weren’t theirs to make, using privilege endowed by a system those women were fighting to change. This is the end of stage 1. Women all over the world  are truly beginning to understand where they are, precisely where they stand and who they should be wary of standing with.