Kony and easily whipped up ‘activist’.

You spend a bit of time on twitter, you hear a lot of self congratulation. The arrival of internet as a communication tool which allows us to bypass mainstream media, has been amazing. Campaigns like Broken of Britain show what happens when the structurally invisible to political debate, become visible. As a political tool outside that, twitter has just about had it’s day. Groups of people loosely connected by nothing but stated ideologies, rarely bother contextualising their absurd beliefs with a society that doesn’t actually share them, whose reality contradicts them. Dangerously malleable groupthink with little sense of right or wrong pushing it on, the existence of twitter as a media X Factor, nonsense ideological combat, guided by a swarm mentality and entrenched social and party networks. Novelty FTW.

A video can go viral, and people who can’t be arsed going to the effort of thinking outside 140 characters and easily digestible videos, can suddenly ‘raise’ global awareness of an issue for a nanosecond. Oh how the unenlightened thank them.

Who they are raising awareness with, often a question unanswered, That their own awareness comes from little more than a half read link, while they were supposed to be doing something else, no concern if you have the attitude of entitlement that affects the concerned of the west. The concerneds own self image as enlightened, much more important than any issue at hand.  Makes the rich world yawn and the poor world sick.

This is a piece of news footage which shows what happened when the Kony 2012 video was actually shown to the people it exploits in Uganda, so the concerned can feel good.

Choice quotes from video-

‘If people in those countries care about us they would not wear t-shirts with Joseph Kony for any reason.’

‘’I know some people are wondering if this is just some slick, fly by night slacktivist thing..When actually it’s not at all, it’s actually connected to a really deep thoughtful and very intentional campaign….’’

As the film progresses, puzzlement turns into anger.

In this country, there are those who think the Kony campaign is an example of how things should be done. Which says a great deal. These are not the people who would have to live in the middle of the welll meaning ‘action’ the video pushed for. Still, military action is fine when you are concerned…right? It’s not like the source of their funding might indicate that the agenda of furthering military interventions is deeply suspect… Or would it hurt the feelings of the concerned to be asked that? It was a very slick video. Almost like the people making it knew exactly what to do.

Making Kony an easily identifiable icon would make war for economic reasons much much easier. Much. If you only had to justify it to the concerned of the west.