Beware- this is wire copy- I have NO knowledge of the slovakian democratic system. I will not pretend, or wikipedia for sake of appearances. However, what I do think is interesting here is that this is NOT a Centre-left party. This is a party with principles which contradict the neo liberalism that is the centrist position, directly. Beware the word populism.

  • AP foreign, Sunday March 11 2012



Associated Press= BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — Preliminary results show a leftist opposition party in Slovakia is heading for a landslide victory in an early parliamentary election.

With the votes from about two thirds of all polling stations counted by the Statistics Office early Sunday, Smer-Social Democracy of former Prime Minister Robert Fico is a clear winner with 46 percent of the vote, or 86 seats in the 150-seat Parliament.

The result would allow Fico to govern alone.

Fico, a populist leader, is pledging to maintain a welfare state, increase corporate tax and hike income tax for the highest earners.

The outgoing center-right, four-party coalition would combine for just 48 seats as it faced voter anger over a major corruption scandal. The new Ordinary People would win 16 seats.