Labour’s reliance on astroturf has been a problem this year, one I think Milibands team are probably regretting. It doesn’t matter how much noise they generate to convince themselves, they don’t convince voters.  That’s quite hard when the reforms ‘fought’ were a slight evolution on the reforms offered by Labour.

Eoin Clarke has excelled here though:!  This beats hands down, scoring party points off welfare and rape.

These techniques lose traction v quickly. Although if you are part of the echochamber to be convinced, that realisation may take a while longer.  To save the NHS isnot EXACTLY the same thing as saving  Labour’s reputation…. Too late! I wish I could get me some of those amnesia pill.

Noone can whip up a twitterstorm like the Labour left. Fortunately noone believes them like the Labour left. Once you have seen one party motivated twitterstorm obfuscate discussion, you’ve seen them all.  Still, this lot of astroturfing must be sanctioned, Eoin will be pleased-recognition from above. All the Labour MPs are giddy with the idea they can pretend to be opposition for ten minutes. Next they’ll be blaming those who don’t vote Labour for the destruction of the NHS Labour set the groundwork for. They will be rolling out the Jonesdalbot to discuss it soon!LOLZ

Sending one million emails about the mean old unprincipled Lib Dems(accurate, but not unique in our political system). 1 million emails saying no to commissioning and direct payments as drivers of health policy and Labourites would need to abstain from the ‘campaign’.  Now where are the 1 million email demands to Liam Byrne. 1 miillion of us think you can’t create full employment by punishing the poor, and want to know why you keep disappearing the women? No….?

Tip: If you want to save the NHS, I’d start asking about issues of political consensus. Don’t say it too loud, it upsets Labourites to be told their actual positions on issues. Spoils the ability to manage the message. As a phenomena it’s interesting to see though. You can see why political media is in crisis . Traditional political techniques and gaslighting not that effective any more, with these tools. People have memories longer than fish even if not attention spans. Still, Ed’s strategy of using the grassroots left as astroturf seems to be working, if only on the grassroots left.

Funny thing about Shirley Williams in Observer today(cowardly twat that she is)- she can spot a Labour astroturf mission from a mile off too. Which is a shame because most of the tweets were not astroturf at all. They were people frightened of losing the NHS.   But then, considerations like that don’t bother these type of opportunists.

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