Laurie Penny is very eloquent here about a phenomena as old as time. She is right. The new prostitution means women dare not even mention that that is what it is. Sugar daddy parties arriving over here, attracted light hearted coverage from the section of the BBC aimed at young women affected. Slut shaming at the heart of the social policy that rolled back equality and created this situation. The real scale of women being forced to view sex as a way to make a living one that will be hidden in shame as sexual abuse is commodified for the deficit. As will the cost of that abuse. Women who have had every other means taken away, to silence, will have to fuck for money. And will do so. And are.

The truth is though that while Laurie is eloquent and right, the part of the ‘movement’ her elite educated friends make up,  would rather these women were fucked and abused for money, out of their eyeline, rejecting less ideologically pure methods of staying in their homes and providing for their children.  Flat on their backs providing sad stories to justify more social whirl and outraged career building.  They  would not think twice about shouting scab, abusing, attacking, or aiming hate at them as they confidently declare poverty no excuse for contradiction of simplistic kideologies they have adopted to differentiate themselves from their peers and families.

Convinced of the right to pass judgement by adoption of the word left and ability to organise a social scene around the economic changes that are creating this situation. And there would be no challenge from within their circle. That is the sad truth of where women are at now. That is the sad truth of our childish  ‘radical’ left.