My first commission was on International Women’s Day two years ago. Labourlist had done their yearly job of handing over editorship to a woman.  It took one year before I realised how our political press maintain the status quo, and refused to contribute to that debate any more.

This was the first time I had heard of it. This year am not as enthusiastic.

In those two years the lack of women in positions of power, ensured gender inequality could be deliberately manipulated so that the cost of austerity was borne by women in the most brutal way. With full media consensus. This year for International Women’s Day I have this message:

Dear Media and Politics Bigwigs,

Stick International Women’s Day up your arse. My IUD does more for me than IWD. If you want to address that our entire media and politics is a nasty wee boys club, please do so. A day where those nasty wee boys get out from behind their desks and allow the women they have marginalised all year to do a better job than they do, is fuck all use to anyone. Alth0ugh it does make those who perpetuate this situation feel they are more ‘aware’ of the existence of women. This year, I am not arguing about why International Women’s Day is necessary.  It’s a dull argument which takes up my time and creates the impression that this day is actually about women.

I am saying it isn’t enough and as it stands IWD is a sop to make our media outlets feel better about how shit they are and the consequences for women. Equality got rolled back to no noise at all, I would like that sorted before we start indulging this nonsense.

Kind Regards

Defy The Economy