Homelessness increases on every level

If you look at the table above the details of which can be seen here you will see some startling facts which have come to pass directly because of this governments policies.

Firstly the total number of households  from the end of 2010 to the end of 2011 who are homeless has increased by 6120 an increase of 12% in one year. This means in one year the policies of this government has not just seen an increase in homelessness, but are now directly responsible for 48,510 people becoming homeless.

Another statistic which is not surprising but extremely tragic is the increase in couples with children being hit by the cost of living, 1870 extra families EXTRA have been added to the already high 8100 families which are now struggling to find a home in the uncaring Britain.

While the number of single Male with children homeless has increased by a little the staggering amount of young female homeless with dependent children is evidence if you needed it that this governments policies are not friendly to women or children. Numbers who are now vulnerable and homeless has increased in one year by 15% a staggering 3510 extra on the homeless list and these figures showing this startling rise will get worse not better over the next few years.

Old people dying silently in their beds each day, homeless families on the scrapheap of Grant Schapps housing policies an overall increase of 27% since Labour left power, is shameful.

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