It occurs to me..

..this entire years blog was a waste. I thought that Labour presented the biggest threat because I underestimated the electorate, I thought they would be our next government, and soon.  Like Ed Miliband did. And that the lefty politics I got bogged down in, was where change would come from. I could have been writing about cabbages for all the relevance it had to anyone else.

Fitting week to end this blog given the completion of Labour’s triangulation on disability, skillfully offered up alongside the message that they weren’t going to reverse any cuts. A statement predicated on the idea that anyone believed they were. Because we are all that dumb. Cue Labour poppet Jones expressing shock and condemnation at this wholly unexpected ‘surrender’, Sunny Hundal pondering why Labour keep repeating the same argument about welfare. Safe to let the word ‘benefits’ on Liberal Conspiracy now that the tragic death of Helen and Mark Mullins luckily coincided with a planned Labour triangulation on disability, and most of the last lot of welfare and social care ‘reforms’ are through safely. Now a master of the triangulation and cover for slashing welfare which drove him to vote Lib Dem. Neither have the abililty to understand the gravity of what has taken place.

Some advice to Labour. If you are going to continue to manufacture the appearance of relevance, you are going to have to increase the hiring pool, Rowenna, Owen and Twundal can’t do it on their own. In a pattern becoming familiar, the only effective opposition to these cuts came from an undemocratic clergy whose christian values are not about bigotry and increasing political influence and from peers sitting in the blue part of that house.

I daresay a few are questioning Miliband’s emphasis on copying the astroturf techniques he imported from the US, common sense should have told him they would lose effectiveness quite quickly. This years Netroots will be quieter without Luke Bozier leading the charge against the cuts, and Telegraph trainee Jennifer Mahoney to send out the right message, not that Ed as our Progressive Champion ever sold. Am guessing quite a few of those progressives will be eyeing up their prospects on the right as polls show Labour have charged headfirst into irrelevance. Dan Hodges can smirk away from the warm offices of the Telegraph as his ex colleagues ponder how to sell the situation.

Watching Labour implode under the gaze of a smart electorate was quite interesting, and I think things are about to get too interesting to be bogged down in ‘what the left are doing’. An education though. Unelectable Labour means a new normal of hung parliaments, austerity, and coalitions. In the context of a global neo liberal clusterfuck. Or Conservative hegemony. Our very own fiscal compact.  Lord Owen is busy plotting himself into relevance with Labour to ‘topple this coalition’, according to today’s Telegraph.. Ir is now apparent that the threads unfolding beyond Westminster are altogether darker than cuts to local libraries, and Westminster offers no viable political solutions to our problems at present. Occupy is reassuring, but none is likely to appear any time soon. Now we need to buckle in and try and weather the coming storms, the left will be too busy to notice. We could be decades away from a real viable political force with a credible economic and social policy alternative. Everything is as it should be. At least everything is a bit clearer than this time last year.

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