How are you supposed to keep up?


When the lines are being redrawn and redefined so quickly, in so many ways, in so many places? Karzai signs strategic pact with India after tension with Pakistan. India and Pakistan are not best buddies. We are losing in Afghanistan. Karzai would have been, is dodging assasination attempts left right and centre, but he isn’t daft and has been looking for new allies. We could never win in Afghanistan, because you cannot win a conflict where you occupy a nation as punishment for a criminal act done by people that came from somewhere else. 

Even the BBC are having to acknowledge the Taliban do not exist in the way described, and it is the term used to those objecting to NATO forces occupying. Most of people in Afghanistan don’t even know what 9/11 was, never mind why it resulted in a decade of war.

In the weeks after 9/11 we strongarmed Pakistan. We have since compromised them into acting against their own people, waged an invisible war in various regions of the country and we have effectively destabilised them. We have made Pakistan very vulnerable, while blaming them for the effect of our actions. We compromised their sovereignty in the way the US compromised Cambodia’s. We knew Pakistan was vulnerable to extremism when we started strongarming them


We understand the structure of social networking in western protest movements, but always deliberately the ignored the lack of central organisation to Al Qaeda. We ignored the vulnerability of Pakistan and exacerbated it. Now we have to retreat from Afghanistan with our tails between our legs. Talk to any rickshaw driver in Ho Chi Minh City, and ask about the bloody aftermath of this pattern of US behaviour on Vietnam and Cambodia. And god help the women we never gave a fuck about in Afghanistan. Fill a political vacuum with the left over religious extremists anyday.

If I had lost economic hegemony but still had all the guns in the yard, I know what I’d do.The military industrial complex is what we do best.  The US have been escalating diplomatic tensions with Pakistan for months, and we have been watching it buckle under the weight of constant terror attacks for years. We have been assassinating people on sovereign soil and celebrating it. Obama’s attempts to veto Palestines recognition of statehood in the UN, not unoticed. Nor was the stopping of the remainder of their aid as punishment. David Cameron standing up in front of the UN telling them they need more bottle for wars went down well, I am sure. I am not sure Cameron really wants the UN standing up to tyrants. THey mostly work for us. Libya is now ‘free market libya’, and I am hoping to fuck it does not come out that there were british boots on that soil driving that revolution. Although am guessing it will, especially as we stand accused of standing by while the rebels we were supposed to ‘support’ were tortured before we decided we were leading them.

Al Megrahi is warning of truth coming out and our past relationship with Libya is looking increasingly suspect. While our governments have little credibility with other countries, or the financial institutions of the world? Our presence in the middle east is not successfully suppressing the Arab Spring. However much the Egyptian people need to keep on fighting, the IMF have been told to piss off.We are pretending the writing isn’t on the wall for Israel, and I daren’t mention Iran. Tony Blair is being openly called out on his influence in the Middle East, with the pretence of it western impartiality long gone.


The Pakistani Prime Minister has made statements in the past that include references to backing from the chinese. THis was clarified today. China and Russia have vetoed a UN resolution on Syria, calling european leaders out on a ‘confrontational approach’ made them appear to be ‘against the peaceful settlement to the crisis.Americans are outraged. This a direct consequence of our actions in Libya. 

All the solutions to the financial crisis we face seem to involve vast transfers of wealth upwards, away from the people of a country and into markets who have shown they do not give a fuck about national interests. People on the ground clocked this quite a while ago. The EU could collapse. While we are expecting more civil unrest? And increasingly authoritarian political parties disenfranchise sections of the british population and encourage their demonisation. Each party choosing to try and divide communities and exacerbate the possibility of social unrest to maintain their own position. While the left and right of our political class fanny about swapping fantasies about which crappy ideologies they are entitled to have us follow. 

People were always watching while we acted, and we kept entire regions unstable for our own economic interests. For decades. Some very dark clouds are gathering.Was Libya a last hurrah of reckless imperialism, or will it be a contributing factor that children in future will be forced to remember?



This is all fucked up. Totally fucked up.

Not in my fucking name. Not in my fucking well name. I am telling you that now. Far in advance.


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