Funniest thing, have never been to a protest where the police and right wing press estimated the numbers of protesters as larger than the protest organisers. As a matter of courtesy I would strongly advise people at Tory Party Conference not to eat or drink anything. Especially if they are the type to be rude to the staff….bodily fluids are a feature in drinks for those wearing conference name tags across the city. When you behave like this in restaurants, is fairly understandable. I appreciate the Tories think they are coming to Manchester to discuss their plans, but most of their plans include Manchester being fucked up the arse, so they aren’t really that welcome. Even the people pissed with the protesters were more disgusted with what the Tories are doing to the communities in their city. By the way, paying for crisps with £50 notes really not helping the cause.(although safer than eating at a conference centre or restaurant..).

While am here, am going to upload some pictures. We ❤ Manchester Campaign comes into it’s own, as it’s purpose becomes clear. Big businesses and politicians ❤ Manchester. To show this banners have adorned the metal barricades blocking streets across the city from the people who live there. While the local press plants the seed that the peaceful and reasonable people marching yesterday would bring violence to the city. Still picking the angriest photos they had, after covering a feeder march in the hope of some trouble.