Problem with the left -by Derek Wall.

Sadly on the left being a medium sized fish in a tiny pool is often more attractive than uniting the sea creatures & taking on the sharks. via@Anothergreen on twitter.


How far will politicians sink for the sake of populism?

A response to my EDL post, which is almost bang on.

Sorry, Lisa if I’ve posted twice, thrice… Not getting this authentication process. I agree we shouldn’t treat the EDL as if they were stupid. You are right, they are not. They have a political ideology based on fears they deliberately stoke about …


When the broadsheets are taking the piss out of the Chancellors excuses, you know summats up. Osborne had the face of a man who was finished during PMQ’s, before Browns turn in the House of Commons. Now he has the headlines.

BBC inconsistency

IMF say agreement needed IMMEDIATELY, BBC say they have a week to reach agreement. I have to say, this is not strange. The BBC do not appear to know we are heading for the biggest financial crisis the world has ever seen. THis reminds me of when M…


In the words of a very wise Scot, giving the IMF more money is like giving a firebug matches. The bloodsuckers grip won’t be as strong with diminishing confidence in their authority, or financial clout. No sad day. Was easier to pretend the IMF we…


The problem that faces the US, as I see it, is not whether or not they can break the deadlock they have been in for months. THis is not a problem of two tribes who cannot agree. This is a country who have not had the power to reign in a plutocracy…