Jobless ‘recovery’.

Isn’t a jobless recovery a recovery for our financial system, at the expense of British businesses and people? To pay for the mess they caused?

And what do the hundreds and thousands of people who are being sacrificed to this jobless recovery actually do to recover after their jobs are sacrificed for it? Wait for another bubble to appear? What happens to the mortgage and credit cards that their salaries paid for? The businesses where their money is spent? Did the Conservatives tell the business community what they would be sacrificing for the markets? How does this tie into the bit of the recovery strategy that all parties are agreed on,  the bit where state support for the jobless is slashed.

That isn’t recovery at all. Sounds just like the logical conclusion of 30 years of governments weaning themselves away from any responsibility for the people they represent, and flogging off our good shit, milking money out of the rest of it. What is government for again?


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