Alan Johnson resigns and Ed Balls is back baby…

Alan Johnson has resigned for personal reasons. About 12 personal reasons. Oh wait…20…11…9. He personally waited for his economics primer, and the snow hampered Amazon deliveries. Anyway, in a parliament where competent economic opposition is just about the only function Labour should be filling, we now have Ed Balls as Shadow Chancellor.

Now, I am no fan of Ed Balls. I was a social worker during his tenure as Children’s Minister(during Baby P and the introduction of some fucking disastrous computer systems). But he sounds competent economically,and I bet George Osborne is slightly more concerned about him than Johnson. Here’s hoping Mr.Balls can say the things that need to be said about how to tackle this economic situation. Because the thing he is going to need to do is address what went wrong under his watch in the Treasury. I really hope his ego will let him do that.

But I would offer Ed Miliband a bit of advice. Watch your back. Balls looks like the cat that got the cream, and am sure he is counting his steps to the PM role. I don’t think he has suddenly lost all the things that led to the need to freeze him out.Still, it’s not like it’s in either of their personal interests to be divided at mo. A bully at dispatch box will be useful on a policy by policy basis, and there isn’t an election likely for ages.

In the meantime Yvette Cooper is Shadow Home Secretary. Just the place for someone with extensive understanding of economics and how it relates to social policy…… I do wonder if Ed’s return to the fold will result in her being sidelined long term. That would be a shame.


PS I completely plagiarised ‘About 12 personal reasons. Oh wait…20…11…9.”- (It was @davidschneider. Still he won’t read this, and will never know)


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