You know what I hate….

I hate when I agree with anything Tony Blair says. It occasionally happens. His description of the Conservative agenda is bang on. ”Or on economic policy, one week the absolute priority is deficit reduction. OK, again clear. But yesterday a big t…


I thought this was the election of dud poster campaigns. David Camerons shiny face, underneath a caption of your choice- endless amusement. Lo and behold- Lib Dems have pulled this out of the bag! Talk about articulating a national feeling. Tony B…

Life plan.

Have looked at life plan. If I had known I could have had the Indy for a quid- I would have just bought it, and skipped the whole oligarch bit.

The Times Paywall.

The Times will be charging to view its content online. I hope that the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Sport, The Star, and The Express follow suit. For the sake of their survival, obviously.

What I think of the letter from his ‘holiness’.

Four thousand four hundred and ninety four words of a letter, was read out by Irish clergy to their congregations this weekend, written by His ‘Holiness’ Pope Benedict XVI. Over four thousand words, which can be summed up as follows.(Feel free to …

New Scientist

Interesting and brief article about the upcoming debate about cannabis legalisation in California.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has an unfortunate resemblance to poo. That said, crunchy peanut butter really is good on toast.

Blogging vs Journalism

When I started this blog, I described it as a symptom of the vanity that a digital age has given us all. I didn’t know what this blog would be about, and it turns out it is about me. It isn’t a description of my life, but it is a window to my pers…