So this is blogging?

I am a deeply flawed human being, with a deeply embedded bad streak, only credit reference agencies have the true measure of me, and they know I am not to be trusted. I try really hard though.This blog is my inane ramblings, and really, is a symbol of the vanity that the digital revolution has given us all.I am not a writer- yet here I am, hoping that someone will find the musings on my deeply shallow, but deeply enjoyable existence-in the slightest bit interesting.I have a beautiful, crazy, intelligent, 2 year old. A manky cat. I live in a town of organochavs, feminists, lesbians, and social workers- and have a sneaking suspicion that I am entirely qualified to live there.I paint badly. I blog. I have an opinion on everything.Oh, and I overuse commas.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. deeplyflawedbuttrying says:

    I think it possibly says something quite profound about you. Have just returned from festival madness though, and am unable to collect my thoughts enough to think what that might be. Poss more tea, then will decide.

  2. deb says:

    … can I add: when I read your username I see (cause I dont read anything correctly but scan all) deeplybuttring – does that say something about me?

  3. deb says:

    I overuse commas too, and – those! And (Iknow!) those – but never these ~!! I didnt read all of it deeplyflawed, cause I am, in essence horrendouslyhyperactive and find sitting ………Love it tho X

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